How to get Avast Internet Security activation code 2017 for free

Do you want to use premium version of Avast 2017 but don’t want to pay for it?

There are many cracked copies of Avast Internet security 2016 all over the internet but we strongly recommend not installing any illegal or cracked Avast. Hackers often give free activation codes for Avast on shady sites which might contain malware and infect your computer.  The same implies for downloading cracked Avast or keygens on P2P networks. Majority of these installers are unsafe and will harm your computer.

Moreover, if you are using cracked Avast, there is a high chance that Avast will block it.

Thankfully, there is an official way, how to get a free activation code for Avast Internet Security 2016. Yes, officially! You can get Avast activation code for 1PC and up to 3 years absolutely for free.

Here is how to get it

Prerequisites: Install any version of Avast

Follow these steps

  1. Create Avast account
  2. Login to your Avast account
  3. Go to recommendation program
  4. Generate unique link
  5. Share your unique link
  6. Download your free activation code

Firstly you will have to install any version of Avast 2016. You can install Avast Internet Security 2016 right away but it is not necessary and free version will work just fine.

Step 1) Create Avast account

Once you finish installation open Avast (double-click on desktop icon or double click on Avast icon in system tray) and click Sign-in.

Avast Internet Security 2016 activation code - step 1

You will get to account sign-in page. Search for register under login button and click on it.

Avast Internet Secrutiy 2016 activation code - Step 1 (2)

Fill-in your email address and password or you can login with Facebook or Google. Both ways will work. Once you are done, hit Create new account.

Avast Internet Security 2016 activation code - step 1 (3)

Confirm by clicking on continue to create an Avast Account.

Avast Internet Security activation code 2016

Step 2) Login to your Avast account

Your account is now created and you will be redirected to login page once again. Enter your email and password from step above.

Avast Internet Security 2016 activation code - step 1 (4)

Step 3) Go to recommendation program

Once you are logged in into your Avast Account, go to recommendations which is located in menu accessible from top navigation bar under grey grid.

Alternative way: go to and login into your account. You should see screen bellow once you are logged in.

Avast Internet Security Activation code 2016 - Step 3

Step 4) Copy unique link from your recommendation page

On your recommendation page, there will be a unique link, which you need to copy.

Avast Internet Security 2016 - Step 4

Step 5) Share your unique link

Once you got your unique link, share it on social media or use it whenever you want to install Avast for someone else. Currently you need only 7 installations to get a Avast Internet Security 2016 license (activation code) for 1PC and 1 Year. 

You would be surprised how easy is it. If you share this link on social media, you can get 7 recommendations in no time.

TIP: Although sharing on social media usually works the best, you can also send this link to yourself into another PC or to family members to boost your recommendations.

Step 6) Download your free activation code

Once there are 7 installations of Avast from the link you have generated, green button with Download free license will appear.  Just click on it and enjoy premium Avast Internet Security 2016 totally for free.

Additional tips

By sharing your unique link you will also get to situation when there are more installations than required to get a free activation code. If you have more than 7 installations from your unique link, here is what activation codes you can get for free:

  • Avast Internet Security 2016 for 1 PC and 1 year (for 7 installations)
  • Avast Internet Security 2016 for 1 PC and 2 years (for 14 installations)
  • Avast Internet Security 2016 for 1 PC and 3 years (for 21 installations)

Share it if it helps! Leave us a comment below if you are having any trouble.


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