Free license key for Avast 2017

Although you can use Avast Free Antivirus for free, you have to register to get a free license key. This license key is then valid for 365 day and during this period you can use Avast Free Antivirus without any restriction.

Registration for a free license key has to be done every year, however takes only few seconds and it is really simple. After a year you will be required to renew your license key but don’t worry, you can do it on the same email address for any number of years. Thanks to this you can use Avast how long you will need.

If you need a help with getting a free license key for Avast 2016, follow one of the tutorials below.

Solution 1 – Get a free license key through taskbar

  1. Right-click on Avast icon in windows taskbar
  2. From menu choose registration information
  3. Avast window will open on Your subscription, click on Register now
  4. From displayed offer, click on select under Standard protection
  5. You will get to Register my Free 1-year license window
  6. Fill-in your email address and hit register
  7. Another offer will appear. Just choose that you are fine with free solution.
  8. Done. Your Avast with 1-year license key will be activated.

Solution 2 – Get a free license key by email

  1. Go to Avast registration form
  2. Fill-in required information (license key will be delivered to email address you fill in in this step)
  3. Hit Register for free license key
  4. License key for Avast 2017 will be sent to your email
  5. Now go to Avast settings and choose Registration tab
  6. You will see You have not registered message
  7. Click on offline registration and then Insert license key
  8. Copy & paste  license key which was delivered to your email
  9. Done. Your Avast 2017 is now activated with 1-year free license key

Solution 3 – Use license key for Avast 2017 below

For those, who don’t want to spent time with registration you can use license key below.

[su_note note_color=”#69f662″ align=”center” text_color=”#000000″]C00714067H1200A1018-H1W8SNWE [/su_note]

This license key is for Avast Free Antivirus 2017 and is valid till 1st December 2017.  We will refresh it regularly so if your license key is about to expire, just visit this page and use re-freshed license key.

To use this license key, go through steps 5-9 described in solution. After use of this key, you should see that your Avast is successfully registered.

Free license key for Avast 2017 - you are registered


Video tutorial

[su_youtube url=””]

We strongly recommend not to search for license keys or cracked versions of Avast 2017 as they are often distributed on shady sites which might infect your PC with malware.

Let us know in comments below if these tutorials work for you or vote for the one you prefer below. If it works, you can thank by sharing tutorial.

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