How to disable Avast Antivirus

Did you ever need to disable Avast Antivirus and you just didn’t know how to? When Avast is running you can be sure you are safe from viruses, malicious sites. There are some special cases however, when you need to temporarily turn off Avast. This can be for example installation of special software (eg. firewall), using special disk tools or just execution of file, which Avast is blocking but you know this file is safe. Sometimes this is also needed for proper diagnostic of network problem to determine if Avast is not blocking network communication.

Here’s how you can disable Avast antivirus (temporarily or permanently)

Note: Beware, that this will disable all shields which are one of the key modules in any antivirus. Do not this if you are not sure what you are doing.

  1. Right-click on the Avast icon in system tray and head to Avast shields control. If you can’t see the icon in tray, click on arrow next to last icon from the right as some of the icons might be automatically hidden.
  2. By default, all the shields are on. You can disable them temporarily or permanently. Just choose the right option from you. You should see these options:
    1. Disable for 10 minutes
    2. Disable for 1 hour
    3. Disable until computer is restarted
    4. Disable permanently

How to disable Avast

3. Once you select your option, you will be prompted with dialog window by Avast to “Component stop”

How to disable Avast (2)

4. Hit yes. Remember, never click on “yes” when you are not performing this action intentionally as it might by result of a malware attack trying to stop/disable your antivirus)

5. Done! Avast antivirus will be disabled temporarily or permanently.

All these steps are same for Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier and can be reproduced on version 2014 and higher. Do not if you are running latest version? Download latest version in our download section.

Frequently ask questions

How do I know if Avast is turned off/disabled?

Once you disable Avast shields you should see “You are unprotected” status in main Avast Window. This will be resolved automatically if you chose to disable your shields for 10 minutes, 1 hours or until next computer restart. If you have chosen to disable Avast permanently, you will have to enable/turn on Avast back manually (see question below).

How to enable Avast


How to turn on/enable Avast back?

Option 1) You can repeat same process as for disabling Avast but in this case, choose “Enable all shields) from contextual menu after clicking on “Avast shields control”.

Option 2) From the main Avast windows, either click on “Resolve all” button or click on “Turn on” link next to “All real-time shields are turned off.

Once you enable Avast back, make sure there is “You are protected” status in the main. This status means all shields are running and keeping your PC safe. Do you have some problems? Let us know in comments section below!

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