How to disable Avast popups

Have you ever given presentation and Avast notification appeared? Yes, it can be annoying! Follow this guide to find out how to disable Avast popups. 

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There are three ways how to disable Avast popups

1. Turn on silent/gaming mode

Open Avast -> go to settings -> check “Silent/gaming mode”

Disable avast popups

This approach is the best way if you do not want to be bother from Avast. However it comes with disadvantage – you will not be notified in case Avast blocks a threat therefore it is not recommended as a permanent solution.

2. Disable popups from Avast Software updater

Open Avast -> go to settings -> click on “Customize” next to “Software updater ”


Uncheck “Notifications [popups] enabled”

Disable Avast Popups

This is only a partial solution as other popups (offers, threats) will be still displayed.

3. Purchase premium version of Avast Antivirus

If you are using premium Avast products (Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier), you can choose, which popups to disable or disable all popups. Simply head to settings -> on  General tab locate popups and set duration to zero for those category you do not want to be notified about.

If you are not using premium version, you can download 30-day trial here.

Disable avast popups

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