How to uninstall Avast SafeZone browser

Avast SafeZone uninstallation from your computer is very easy. We have written Avast SafeZone review in one of our regular posts but if you want to uninstall SafeZone just follow these 6 easy steps.

Uninstall SafeZone browser from components menu

  1. Open Avast (double click on desktop/system tray icon)
  2. Open settings (gear icon in top right corner)
  3. Go to components tab and find SafeZone browser
  4. Click to expand this component
  5. Hit uninstall component
  6. Just confirm and SafeZone will uninstall from your PC


Remove SafeZone browser during installation (alternative approach)

Remove SafeZone browserIf you are doing clean installation of Avast, you can choose custom installation and select which components will be installed on your computer. For installation of Avast without SafeZone browser uncheck field next to SafeZone and it will not be installed.

Do you have problems removing Avast SafeZone? Let us know in comments below.

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