Avast & AVG officialy merged together


Exciting news ahead for both companies! From the 3rd of September, Avast and AVG becomes officially one company. Avast Software announced acquisition back in July 2016. Read more to find out what it means for users of both brands.

Security giant

With the acquisition, Avast became security giant with over 400 million users all over the world. Besides China, where western companies have very little market share, Avast strengthens its position to protects over 40% off all PCs running Microsoft Windows.

What acquisition means for Avast and AVG users?

Avast states in its blog announcement, that both brands will run separately however on the same engine. There will be also more features for both brands. Some features of AVG were missing in Avast and vice-versa. At the beginning of 2017, Avast should release new version containing these features and running on same engine.

Evolution to the best free antivirus

Both brands have been competing over 30 years for the title of the best free antivirus. This acquisition could finally mean evolving to the ultimate antivirus which still provides majority of its features for free.

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