How to add or remove Avast SafePrice

Avast Safeprice

Avast SafePrice was added to Avast as a plugin in 2014 and many people are not aware of its functionality. Find out how to use this plugin or how to install/remove SafePrice from your Avast and browser.

What is Avast SafePrice?

It is a browser extension (plugin) and it’s main functionality is to help you to find best prices for the product you are looking for. Not only Avast SafePrice search for cheaper offers and deals, it is displaying offers only from trusted shops so you can be safe while doing your online shopping.

Comparing best deals between plenty of shops can be quite time-consuming if you do it manually. That’ s why browser extension such as Avast SafePrice are so popular. It automatically scan the prices in website you are currently browsing, compare it on the background with regularly updated database of prices in trusted shops and show you best deals.

Avast stated in its blog post that all personal information are removed in real time

SafePrice communicates data with our server; specifically the products you are searching for, and the URLs of the shopping sites you visit. All personally identifiable information is stripped from this data in real time, as it comes into our servers, so that the data is completely anonymous. We then check for more favorable prices or coupons with our third party partner, Ciuvo. Ciuvo never receives any of our users’ personally identifiable information.

Source: How does Avast SafePrice work? 

How to add (install) Avast SafePrice 

If you don’t have Avast SafePrice installed in your browser, there are two options how to add it. Both are really easy and you can enjoy benefits of this extension in a matter of few minutes.

Option 1: Install Avast SafePrice through Avast

Open Avast -> Settings (gear on top right corner) -> Components tab -> Locate “SafePrice” browser extension and click on Install Component. Now restart your browser and you should  be prompted if you want to add Avast SafePrice to your browser. Hit yes and that’s it. You can browse your favourite online shops and Avast SafePrice will notify you if it finds better price among trusted shops in its database.

Avast SafePrice installation

Option 2: Install Avast SafePrice from Chrome web store

If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can easily add Avast SaferPrice as extension even without using Avast Antivirus! Installation is very easy. Go to Chrome web store and hit “Add to Chrome” button. You will be again prompted by Chrome if you really want to add this extension. Confirm with yes and you you are all set.

Option 3: Choose Avast SafePrice during installations process

Avast SafePrice is one of optional Avast components and if you choose “custom” installation process, you can pick, which components will be installed. It doesn’t matter if you are installing free or premium version of Avast as Avast SafePrice is available for all Avast antivirus products during installation.

Avast SafePrice installation

How to remove Avast SafePrice?

If you want to remove Avast SafePrice from your browser there are two options.

Option 1: Remove SafePrice directly from your browser

This option is relatively easy as the only thing you have to do is to locate Avast SafePrice icon in top right corner of your Google Chrome Browser, right-click on it and hit “Remove from Chrome”. If you are using other browsers (eg. Internet explorer, Edge, Firefor or Opera), go to settings -> extensions -> locate Avast SafePrice extension and hit delete/remove.

Option 2. Remove SafePrice through Avast

  1. Open Avast main window
  2. Go to settings (gear icon on top-right corner of main windows)
  3. Go to components tab
  4. Locate Avast SafePrice and click on it to expand this row
  5. Click on “Uninstall  Component”
  6. Done. Avast SafePrice will be removed from your browser.

Remove Avast SafePrice

How do you like this extension? Did it helped you to find better deals? Let us know in comments below.


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