Avast SafeZone – introduction, download and comparison

Avast SafeZone browser
Avast Safezone browser

Avast SafeZone has been distributed for a while now. Latest Avast update silently installed SafeZone on user’s desktop. Many users started instantly using it and love but some just hated it. So what are the strengths of SafeZone browser and is it better than Google Chrome? Let’s find out from the beginning.

Avast SafeZone browser free download

If you currently don’t have this browser and want to try it out, go to our download section and download Avast SafeZone browser for free. At he moment it is not possible to use SafeZone without Avast installed on PC. If you want to download and install this browser you have to install also one of Avast antivirus programs.

TIP: There is a solution if you are using other antivirus but still want to use SafeZone. Go ahead and download Avast Free Antivirus and during installation, choose custom installation and opt-out from all features besides Avast SafeZone browser. If Avast detects other antivirus being installed on computer, it will switch to passive mode. It will be still installed on your computer but not active. Do not forget to install latest version (this feature is included in Avast Free Antivirus 2016).


What is Avast SafeZone?

SafeZone is secure browser which protects your privacy when you are doing online banking and keeping you safe from malware sites. You can access SafeZone browser directly from icon on you desktop. Just locate icon below and double-click on it to access it.

Avast SafeZone browser

If you are having trouble to locate SafeZone icon on your desktop you can access it directly from Tools menu located within you Avast.



Features of Avast SafeZone includes 

  • safe-mode for online banking and unsafe content
  • integrated anti-malware protection
  • downloading of videos without need other extension or service
  • integrated ad-blocking capability
  • blocking content with poor reputation
  • NEW – integrated password manager

Is Avast SafeZone browser safe?

The biggest strength of this browser is that rather than adding security or privacy add-ons and extension into your regular browser, SafeZone relies on integrated anti-malware protection and privacy features which blocks for example keyloggers (programs that spy on you) when it is enabled in its bank mode.  This is specially needed when you are doing your online banking or doing card transaction on unsecured site.

Moreover, to achieve even higher lever of security, all 3rd party extensions are blocked. This is mainly to ensure high level of protection as there are many 3rd party add-ons and extensions, which might not be safe to use.

Avast SafeZone browser vs Chrome comparison

Is SafeZone better than Chrome? It depends. Both browsers will probably have different group of people which they target. SafeZone strength is definitely its safety and privacy feature. On the other hand, if you prefer higher level of customisation, Chrome would be probably a better choice for you.

Avast SafeZone Google Chrome
Browsing Yes Yes
3rd party extensions No Yes
Bank mode Yes No
Video downloader Yes Using add-on
Password manager Yes No
Install without antivirus No Yes

SafeZone review

If privacy and security is number 1 for you, than Avast SafeZone might be a better choice for you. If you prefer customisation than you will probably have to look somewhere else. That’s why we decided to rate SafeZone with 4 out of 5 stars. Want to leave a review for SafeZone? Leave it in comment section below!




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